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We are in a world where everyone is venturing into business.Young entrepreneurs have emerged in the process and are already leaving a mark in the industry.Some of these young entrepreneurs are inventing new products, building brands and making millions. Most of them haven’t even graduated from high school.

Today, the 16-year-old entrepreneur runs an Online company called CHATTER CRYPTOCURRENCY MARKET CONSULTANCY in Dar es salaam that provides online business education to help people on how to invest on cryptocurrency and it also provides more details and advices concerning Cryptocurrency


“Obviously, the company is doing very well since it has a good background, the first cryptocurrency was called Bitcoin(2008) and it was sold 1$ until last year Nov-Dec it was 1,600$, so I thought this could help, let me buy the cheap ones since if i earn more coins the value will increase and there is when you will see the advantage of this. This has been very helpful to me and it will continue to be helpful because even when you are in school and still you have invested on the coins let’s say 1$, in four weeks or months you’ll get a profit of 10$ or 100$, meaning if you invest 10$ you will earn 10 times the amount you invested”


What pushed you,how did you come up with that idea

“I was just going through the Internet then I saw Bitcoins, honestly i didn’t have time for it. But because of my old company WEZESHA DONATION which I thought might fall i managed to get a link through Bitcoin groups in WhatsApp so I thought that i should give it a try after realizing that I could earn millions of coin and yes i was so happy”

What challenges do you come across

“There are so many challenges especially when it comes to advising people to invest, some people think of you as a fraudster in reaction I just ignore their thoughts about me and move on”

Do you have any support or it’s just you

“Actually, I do have support from the people who are experienced than I am and it’s not that I live with them I only chat with them through phone,I have never met them but we talk, ask questions to each other. That’s how I get support but when it comes to funds and all other sources that runs this company its just me”

What are your plans exactly

“Since this is a business company, my plan is promote it and to generate profit to me and the ones that will join it”


“Well, i may say Tanzania’s economy has dropped, since it’s very hard for someone to invest 25,000Tsh on this business but it’s good on business courses” He adds – “The key to success is work hard, just generate your ideas and work hard on it. It’s good if we the youth work together and support each other since support is every thing”

For more info about CRYPTOCURRENCY follow Chatter_renrie or call 0714347602

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